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G’day guys, Greg right here, these days l display you a good way to cook dinner up a beef chop, and to offer it some crunch and personality whilst retaining it wet and juicy.

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  1. You make cooking fun thank you

  2. Subscribed after he sprayed himself in the face in the intro

  3. Was that Tenacious D doing the theme song
    Mudskipper ☯️

  4. greg your one aussie character not enough of us left mate

  5. Holy shit! Gonna need some icecream after the cayenne.

  6. I would love to sample these. They look delicious!! Great job, Greg.

  7. Don't just be astonished by the pickle…I will help you kiss it…LOL

  8. Best I have seen. But what about side dish ?

  9. Mine are center cut and 1/2" thick. How can I make them soft.
    I am making pork fry rice.
    Awesome video. Thanks so much.

  10. Trying this tonight but with Seasonest seasoning because it was all I had closest to what you used.

  11. Thanks it turned out great!

  12. thyeb look like rubber one of your used condoms greg

  13. I tried it with the cayenne pepper and butter but I used virgin olive oil. It’s so good

  14. i subscribed after watching you and your energy after 6 seconds.

  15. Those pork chops are looking great, but I don't like to put hot pepper like that on my chops. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us.

  16. black PEIPPA Cayenne PEIPPA
    Flava and of course butta 🙂

  17. Holy shit, you're the guy that used to make videos of "THA BOIBUL!" JEEZIS!!"

  18. Quran is the last overriding revelation from Allah, the one &only God, the creator of all, &the guardian of souls &earth according to what we say&do.

    God frankly mentioned in Quran that the following items are forbidden &sinful to eat/drink:

    1- Pork Meat
    2- Blood
    3- Any part of animals found dead before slaughtering to pour blood out
    4- Any part of animals slaughtered as a pagan sacrifice to idols/deities.

    O humans, worship yr only God, &follow Quran to be saved from misery &hellfire.

  19. “ I love a nice and crispy pork”

    “ THATS WHAT SHE SAID” 😂😂😂 2:31

  20. "The other white meat" now thats just a white thing to say….smh

  21. we have the baddest cut of pork chops here in the philippines.. its bone-in and on the other end of the chunky meat is a thick long line of fat with the skin..truly a sight to behold.. makes other pork chops look gay..lol!

  22. You're accent makes the video alive awesome video

  23. Iam a kid I wanna learn iam home alone and I want to eat

  24. Thank you so much, i made this exact recipe for my family with corn on the cob and macaroni on the side and it was the bomb!!

  25. Made this tonight! Man these qere soooo good! My kids even loved them.thanks

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