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Russian Salmon Kulebyaka Recipe | Coulibiac (Кулебяка)

Salmon Kulebyaka Recipe | Coulibiac (Кулебяка) RECIPE HERE : http://bit.ly/2oscy7C
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Salmon Kulebyaka, or extra regularly referred to as Coulibiac within the English global, is the unique Russian fish pie. This layered pirog, a pie, is a type of iconic dishes that the majority Russian find out about. In many variations of the kulebyaka, a yeast dough is used, however the puff pastry could also be moderately fashionable. Most of the time, kulebyaka is served with soup, and may also be served as a chief dish or as an appetizer. This recipe is astounding, the yr dough, the salmon, the eggs, the caramelised mushrooms, the dill-flavored rice all encased in a crisp pastry- that merely spells scrumptious. This recipe may be very time eating and completely well worth the effort. You can serve the Salmon Kulebyaka (Coulibiac) with soup, however I like to consume it as a meal, smothered in thick bitter cream. This recipe will feed joyfully 10-12 other folks. Start making ready an afternoon upfront, in order that your pancakes and the filling are able and ready.Traditionally you employ the leftover dough items to make a development of leaves, branches or plants on best of the pie.


For the dough:
350 gr of simple all objective flour
150 ml of milk ( you’ll be able to additionally use water)
7 gr ( 1 sachet of speedy motion dry yeast)
50 gr of unsalted butter
1 egg
1 tbsp of sugar
1/2 tsp of salt

For the filling:

400 gr of salmon fillet
200-250 gr of mushrooms ( any that you simply like)
50 gr of raw rice
1 huge onion
2 huge boiled eggs
6-Eight crepes ( skinny pancakes)
bunch of parsley and dill
salt and pepper in keeping with style

Egg wash ( egg + water)

For the Blini

1 cup or 250 ml of milk
2 Eggs
140 gr of flour
1 tbsp of Sugar
1/2 tsp of salt
2 tbsp of vegetable oil


Кулебяка с рыбой, грибами и рисом. Кулебя́ка (Кулебяк) — один из видов закрытого пирога со сложной начинкой, традиционное русское блюдо. Подлинный русский горячий пирог кулебяка со сложной начинкой из рыбы (горбуша), грибов, риса, вареных яиц и зелени. Сложную начинку сначала заворачиваем в тонкие блины, затем в дрожжевое тесто. Процесс приготовления кулебяки долгий, но это того стоит.


Для теста:
350 гр. мука
150 мл. молоко (или вода)
50 гр. сливочное масло
1 1/2 ч.л. дрожжи (сухие, five гр.)
1 шт. куриное яйцо
1 ч.л. сахар
1/2 ч.л. соль

Для начинки:
400 гр. горбуша (филе)
100-200 гр. шампиньоны (или другие лесные)
50 гр. рисовая крупа
1 шт. репчатый лук (большой)
2 шт. куриное яйцо
6 шт. блины (тонкие, по желанию)
1 1/2 веточки укроп
1 1/2 веточки петрушка
1 ст.л. растительное масло
zero перец (молотый)
zero соль

Для глазури:
1/2 шт. куриное яйцо (желток)
1 ст.л. молоко
1/four ч.л. сахар
1/four ч.л. соль

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